Various Artists - HHB Radio's 'Grime' CD [OYM]There are certain Grime artists who have matured the genre into something listenable. Some of those artists (Wiley, Asher D, Wretch 32, Bashy, Virus Syndicate and Skepta) are assembled on HHB Radio’s ‘Grime’ mix CD. Other artist on this CD generally fit into the mature mould although there are a couple of Channel U moments, ya get me?

Primarily, I’m a Hip Hop fan but there are many Grime artists who have crossed into my consciousness as the boundaries between the two genres have blurred. This does mean that I’m not up to speed with everything on this CD, but to my ears it sounds pretty fresh.

Stand out track is the massive ‘Punctuation Remix’ and the mix into ‘Streets on Lock’ by Nasty Jack is nice. ‘Badder Dan Dem’ by Lady Lykes, ‘The Formula’ by W.A.R. Material and Fr3e’s ‘I Got This’ could have been left on the cutting room floor but overall the track selection is educated.

If you’re a Grime fan then buy this, if you’re curious, buy it because it could change your mind. It’s ideal for your car’s subwoofer or for getting hyped up to before you hit the town in your cris new creps.

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Various Artists - HHB Radio's 'Grime' CD [OYM]

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