NSPCC Calls On Brown To Take urgent Action

Violence is 'a major problem for young people nowadays' for 81% of children, reveals a new survey by the NSPCC out today. The children's charity is urging Gordon Brown to use his first 100 days as Prime Minister to help tackle violence against children.

The charity is also urging children to log on to the donthideit.com website and phone ChildLine to speak out about bullying, violence and abuse.

Violence is now part and parcel of life for many youngsters. According to the NSPCC survey of more than 1000 boys and girls aged 11-16, two in five children see violence as simply 'part of growing up'.

There are often problems at school, where 42% of youngsters say they have been hit, punched or kicked. Three quarters of children say they have been bullied while one in five admit they are afraid of violence in school. One in ten have been attacked with a weapon or object while on school premises. Three in five children have witnessed violence on the streets and say they are scared weapons would be used against them or their friends.

Even at home many children cannot escape violence. One in four said they had seen adults in the family being violent towards each other. Around half of domestic violence incidents (47%) involved physical assaults and 13 per cent involved the use of a weapon or object. One third of young people believed the person being violent had been drinking alcohol or taking drugs the last time.

One in six young people said they took no action the last time they saw something violent or abusive happening on the street or at school – because they did not know what to do. Only one in four believe young people know how to protect themselves.

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