Save The Children And Oscar Mic Team Up To Raise Money For Ukraine

London’s Oscar Mic decided to write and release a song for Ukraine after witnessing on the news the horrific violence and criminal civilian targeting of Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion. The band decided to try to something, however small, to try to help the families suffering in this worsening humanitarian crisis.

The song is loud, raw and gets straight to the point. Hip Hop drums, steel drums and timpani make up the crunchy and fat rhythm track which is filled out by distorted guitar, bass guitar and vocals which rap and roll. The lyrics are a commentary on the current situation and reflect the stunned disbelief that everyone is feeling.

Fleeing people running scared, so tell me Where’s the justice?
Our leaders say they care, tell me can you trust this?
Urban warfare, your home’s done and dusted,
Aiming at the public, they wouldn’t? They just did

Oscar Mic

The video, made by the band, contains footage of the invasion. The band were given permission by Ukraine’s Kanal 5 News channel to use any of their footage. It’s a shocking and very moving experience.

We Are Ukrainian is a charity release and all proceeds will go towards the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine via the charity Save The Children.

Release date is in just two weeks due to the nature of the current situation -Thursday 14th April.

Oscar Mic

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