Minni Manchester - 69

Minnie Manchester shinning through from Atlanta Georgia, graces us with her debut EP entitled “69“. The EP kicks off with the Intro with an infusion of soul drenched vocals morphed into a fusion of melodic grooves.

On track 2. “Love” We have another instrumental type feel of mantras of Love Love. Up next is track 3. IDWNY, where Minni lays down her terms of love where she simply isn’t prepared to except anything less than the real thing. It’s a smooth joint which is reminiscent of that classic modern soul sound.

Track 4. “Holding On” is pretty self explanatory. The classic tales of a sister wondering why she simply can’t let go of that old unappreciative love in exchange for that new improved upgrade. Track 5. “Over you” kinda says what it is on the tin.

But the stand out track on this EP for me is Track 6. “Fly Away” Feat: Willie Hyn, is simply a beautiful song, it takes the listener on an emotional rollercoaster with butter smooth grooves. Minni oozes from her heart Chakra on this one and Venus Beats lays down the pipes on production, to deliver what one can only describe as sheer beauty. Willie Hyn, adds some heaven seasoning in remembrance of a dear soul ascended.

“69” is definitely well worth a listen, if like me you are always on the look out for good music.


Minni Manchester
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