Sophisticated Apes - Civilization

Tom Stiles and Liam Byrne have been smashing out the bangers for nigh on two decades. Their love for the Hip Hop culture and creative tendencies led them to get together originally as Gnostix. The guys have formed their latest partnership and have been working away readying the debut for the Sophisticated Apes.

Its hard to believe it’s been nearly ten years since Tamworth based Tom Stiles released any music. Back then it was in the form of the Unfriendly Neighbours and its around four years since Liam Byrne (aka Third Degree) produced the Rivem & Bash EP!

Tom and Liam have been hard at work over the lockdown period working on their first studio album as Sophisticated Apes. It’s been a challenging time for everyone during Covid but they managed to focus their extra time into a productive project. The duo were excited to be back in the studio, even if they had to concoct their own environment due to their usual haunt being closed. They are really happy with what was produced after a long break away from music.

Sophisticated Apes

The album entitled Civilization weighs in with sixteen tracks and sees the duo taking a more mature and reflective outlook on life, which provides tracks that cover a wide range of topics and styles. Features include long-time friends and fellow artists Reggiimental, Joey G-zus, Aikz, Carl Knight, Teresa Meads and UK heavyweight Wordsmiff Flip, scratches are provided by renowned DJ Jabba Tha Kut.

Both Liam and Tom feel that this is not only some of their best work but also a well-rounded debut to introduce the world to Sophisticated Apes. The album is due for release on July 23rd 2021 and will be available on all major streaming sites, whilst physical copies will be available to purchase online.

Track List:

  1. Cream Soda
  2. Legacy
  3. Civilisation
  4. Integrity
  5. Always Knows Best (Feat. Carl Knight)
  6. Fabricated
  7. Woe (Feat. Wordsmiff Flip and AiKZ)
  8. Happy Home (Feat. Teresa Meads)
  9. Seven
  10. Haves and Have Nots
  11. Cry (Feat. AiKZ and Reggiimental)
  12. YGA (Feat. Joey G-zus)
  13. Say A Prayer
  14. Miss Guided
  15. Flowers
  16. Sleep Tight (Feat. Carl Knight)
Sophisticated Apes - Civilization

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