Amagiri Young - Forever Young Pt. 2

Amagiri Young is a hip hop recording artist from Long Island, NY. He is also a songwriter that has produced music in the hip hop, rap and R&B genres. The artist has done features with Slim400, Kurupt and Just Blaze so far, as he grinds to make a name in this competitive music industry.

‘Forever Young PT. 2’ is Young’s autobiography in the form of a song. It is the lead single off the EP with the same title. The lyrics are about his childhood and how he was raised by his grandparents. The song starts with the artist’s daughters saying ‘I Love You, Daddy‘. The artist believes that we can always be young if we live through the eyes of our kids and their kids.

Amagiri Young is also releasing his new single ‘Trust Nobody’ featuring Slim400 on April 30th.

The artist’s musical influences include Tupac, Biggie and Jay-Z. He is currently listening to 50 Cent because his music continues to stay relevant.

When asked about his songwriting process, the artist says, ‘I write the beat in my car, my studio or somewhere where there’s just me and my thoughts. I like to come up with the hook first because that’s primarily where I develop the concept for the song. Phone in my hand, the notes app open and I begin writing my songs’.

The artist also says that social media is important in this day and age and that it is a must-have to reach your organic audience as well as a new audience.

Listen to ‘Forever Young PT. 2’ on Spotify.

Amagiri Young - Forever Young Pt. 2

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