Joshui - Confirmation

Manchester born, British Christian rapper Joshui is back with his brand-new fiery statement single ‘Confirmation‘. Infusing his grime roots with the UK Drill sound, The UK rapper steps up to deliver what he describes as a “statement song announcing he’s here and ready to be heard“.

With this latest release, Joshui has, in his own words, “honed in” on what he does well, which is deliver his message clearly, concisely and oozing with passion.

‘Confirmation’ kicks off with an arpeggiated guitar loop alongside Joshui’s melodic crooning that bursts into his trademark quickfire flows over a pulsating drum rhythm contrasted against a booming 808 bassline. The soul-bearing track exposes this one-of-a-kind artist’s motivations with lines such as “No I don’t rap for the bag, please do not tag me as that”.

‘Confirmation’ is the second official release on the UK rapper’s independent label ‘ETRNLMNDS.’ that he claims is “locked and loaded with a message to bring to the world“.

“This is a confirmation statement. We’re here and we’re ready to be heard”



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