Spinning Records present their first digital releases – Monkeytribe‘s acclaimed "Get with the Program" EP, 4 tracks of upbeat "ragga-dub-r’n’b-electro" for soundsystems with bass, along with "The Dark Side of the Baboon", featuring the extremely well received "Ghosts On The Highway" & "Zebadee".

Monkeytribe were recently been awarded the Fopp / PRS Foundation unsigned award and "The Dark Side of the Baboon" 3 track EP was produced with their support. The EP is available in Fopp stores in the uk right now.

You can hear the tracks now at for a short time only…

After an extremely successful showcase at Borderline in London, Fopp & the PRS Foundation are holding a Scottish CD launch at The Bongo Club in Edinburgh on March 22nd.  Monkeytribe will be performing with the other Fopp Unsigned winners – Thee Comrades, Abdominal Showmen & Bouchereau – £4.

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