4Dee ft. Skinnyman and Joe Blow - Broken Britain

Welsh rapper 4Dee has teamed up with UK rap legend Skinnyman and Welsh hip hop veteran Joe Blow to deliver a powerful message in their new single “Broken Britain” taken from 4Dee’s forthcoming album “Shots Fired“. The track delves deep into the issues of corrupt legal systems and social services that are plaguing the country.

From the very first note, the track (produced by Jody Green) sets a dark and eerie tone, with haunting keys and a heavy bass-line that perfectly captures the mood of the lyrics. 4Dee’s delivery is raw and passionate, with his lyrics painting a vivid picture of a broken society that has been let down by those in power.

Skinnyman and Joe Blow’s verses add an extra layer of depth to the track, with their powerful flows and hard-hitting lyrics perfectly complementing 4Dees’ message. The three artists work seamlessly together, creating a track that is both thought-provoking and engaging.

Overall, “Broken Britain” is a fantastic release that showcases the talents of 4Dee, Skinnyman, and Joe Blow. The track has an important message that needs to be heard, and the artists have delivered it in a way that is both captivating and powerful. I highly recommend checking out this track, as it is a true masterpiece of modern Hip Hop.

Words: Sean McKee


Joe Blow


Veteran Records

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