Skreintax - Breathe / Reach 12" [Dented Records]

Cool artwork eh? Cool track too is ‘Breathe’. When this is released in October it’ll remind you of the summer that never was. Skreintax is the collective name of Skrein and Dr. Syntax (see what they did there?) and is a project I’ve really been looking forward to.

As two of most lauded MC’s in today’s UK scene it was pretty much a dead-cert that their efforts would be well above average. Their album ‘Scene Stealers’ is due to drop in November on Dented, ‘Breathe’ is its first single.

‘Breathe’ is a sunlounger, second to lowest setting, by a pool, mid 30’s with a cool breeze blowing. Skrein begins with a complementary laid back, softly voiced flow. Graziella, the featured guest, soothes the listener, gently imploring them to ‘slow down’. Syntax takes over with his trademark bassy voice and on a less vertical vibe that, thankfully, doesn’t detract from the overall feeling. Take a day off work, get yourself a copy of this, stick it in a playlist with your other favourite summer tracks and relax.

Reach’ is a solo effort from Skrein. It’s from the Adulthood soundtrack, features Graziella and is accompanied by Plan B’s band. I LOVE this track. It’s such a fresh direction for UK Hip Hop; lyrically it’s a ‘conscious narrative of London’s ills’ but musically it’s a combination of cutting edge, double time drum patterns and the rock music that you were brought up on. The guitar riffs and solos are soulful mirror images of Skrein’s lyrics; this is music of high quality.

Whilst you wait for this to drop get yourself acquainted with the work of these two artists. Skrein’s ‘The Eat Up’ is a great collection of tracks and guest verses and ‘Self Taught’ by Dr. Syntax is his debut solo album. Both are available on Dented Records.

By: Aidan Severs |

Skreintax - Breathe / Reach 12" [Dented Records]

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