Amos - Unhappy Birthday LP

Ever wished someone a happy birthday but you didn’t really mean it? Gold On The Mixer are proud to present the second collaboration between Amos and producer Palmer Eldritch, ‘Unhappy Birthday‘, a personal reflection on ageing, isolation and the perils of self-service checkouts.

Unhappy Birthday is a collection of experimental rap songs combining melancholy with melody, misery with motif. Palmer Eldritch assembled an array of psychedelic and cinematic samples, setting the scene for Amos’ cynical sneer, devoid of cheer.

Amos’ trademark wit and complex wordplay are supported by soundscapes of masterfully selected and mind warping samples creating a contrast to his pessimistic and sceptical outlook, resulting in a unique contribution to contemporary British hip hop. Illuminated by his Blackpool roots, Amos’ singular style delivers an authentic and unflinching exploration of memory and place.

The album features some of Amos’ most personal material to date delivered with his usual level of humour and sequenced so that youthful confidence follows ageing despair! He may have lost his hair but never lost his head… until now.

Following their 2020 concept album ‘Global Gazeteer‘, inspired by observations as a travel agent, relaying sordid stories from five star hotel corridors, Amos’ melancholic musings shift their focus to a raw and introspective narrative. The only featured vocalist is London singer/DJ Eliza Rose on ‘Don’t Know, Where?‘, her jazz-inspired style offering a brief respite from the barrage of complex rhymes.

Available to stream or purchase via Bandcamp from 16.07.21, with a limited edition run of party bag cassettes. Released to celebrate Amos’ own Unhappy Birthday, the video for track Dutch Auction is linked below.


Gold On The Mixer

Track List:

  1. Welcome To The Party
  2. Proust
  3. Total Time Running
  4. Jasminvitation
  5. Dutch Auction
  6. I Used To Love Parties
  7. Deva
  8. Bellisima
  9. Desterado
  10. Perrin
  11. Tarsem
  12. Rainbow Cookies
  13. Don’t Know, Where? feat. Eliza Rose
  14. Calm Lake
  15. Denz
  16. Unhappy Birthday
Amos - Unhappy Birthday LP
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