Tricksta - Out Of Darkness Cometh Light LP [RGS Entertainment]

Out now and receiving massive attention from the UK Hip-Hop community is Tricksta‘s debut producer / artist album that is a sixteen track album now available on iTunes on RGS Entertainment, one of the leading independent labels in the UK who have previously released projects with K-Koke, Cashtastic, Klashnekoff, Blak Twang, Ashley Walters and many more. The album is out now as a digital release with a CD release planned for August. This album not only showcases Tricksta’s production but also features over forty of the best emcees in the UK.

Out Of Darkness Cometh Light features one of the biggest UK line ups you could imagine inicluding the followinig acts: Iron Braydz, Genesis Elijah, LATE, Scorzayzee, MCD, Karl Hinds, TBear, Supar Novar, Seanie T, Wordsmiff, Big Cakes, Dubbledge, Cyclonious, Serocee, Logic, Shameless, Phoenix Da Icefire, Ramson Badbones, Cons, Big Ben, Big Dutty Deeze, Yogi, Twissman, Tenny Ten, Cobane, S. Kalibre, Inja, D Gritty, Jai Boo, K9, Sonnyjim, Deadline, Quest Rah, Reain, Conman, Streetz, Grizzly, Size8, M.A.B, Sketchman, Joe Gutta, Reload, Taurus, Marc Anthony, Double E aka Brinkworth and scratch deejay Jabba Tha Kut.

Its a veritable who’s who of big and small names alike. Not often you see acts from North And South all collaborating on the same project, this is something historic!

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Portrait in Film – Tricksta

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