EVERYSECND is back to captivate his fans with his latest track, Not A Problem, which focuses on confident females and how this artist sees no issue with being with a sought-after woman. Admiring women’s natural beauty and attractiveness, EVERYSECND delivers this message in an upbeat mixture of R&B and pop genres to entertain his listeners. This artist takes pride in relatability and sees this as the key component to allow his listeners to connect with not just this song, but his entire range of music. He notes the relevance of this fresh track in this social media-driven age, stating that everyone has come across a social media influencer with large portions of confidence.

Usually creating a satisfying blend of hip-hop and R&B in his music, EVERYSECND provides witty wordplay alongside infectious melodies, leaving listeners to hum his tunes long after the song has finished playing. This sound is often hard to perfect in the music industry, enabling this artist to stand out from others trying to make their mark on music. Influenced by Bryson Tiller, James Fauntleroy, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and Tory Lanez, EVERYSECND has taken inspiration from a variety of different artists to shape his own career and original sound to get where he is today. He would love to collaborate with PARTYNEXTDOOR amongst others, including Kehlani and Summer Walker, so these possible projects are certainly to be looked out for in the future.

Rarely writing anything down on paper, this artist usually approaches songs with a steady stream of consciousness that flow into a topic, allowing his fans to connect to his music through the realness he projects. Often inspired by natural statements and conversations, nothing about EVERYSECND’s lyrics is forced: he recited lines that make listeners want to repeat them often, getting stuck in their heads even when the song has finished. Whilst admitting that having music before creating lyrics can be helpful, EVERYSECND claims that this can sometimes limit your creativity, instead, occasionally recording voice memos of lines before being introduced to a beat. Focusing heavily on the relationships with his producers, this artist has an important hand in the production process to help deliver his final vision of each track.

With EVERYSECND’s EP, Escape, featuring Not A Problem, currently available on all platforms, this certainly displays this artist’s dedication to getting his music out there to share with the world. Social media has also helped EVERYSECND do this, allowing him to connect with a variety of fans as well as grow from the feedback he receives. Grateful for all the support he has received so far, EVERYSECND continues to strive forwards in his musical aspirations. His fans have made it possible for him to continue doing what he loves for people that love his music.

Listen to Not a Problem today on Spotify

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