Apocraphe - The Escapist Handbook

Following on from the success of the first three singles, with over 300,000 streams and views, Apocraphe presents his magnum opus ‘The Escapist Handbook‘ available on all streaming sites and Bandcamp.

In these turbulent, torrid times, imagine finding, in a corner gathering dust, a book: A Field Guide On How To Escape. Such an imagined discovery was the starting point for ‘The Escapist Handbook’, a fifteen track tribute to escapism in it’s many forms by UK-born, French resident Apocraphe.

The album is also available for digital purchase at Bandcamp. There is also a vinyl pre-order campaign being run via Diggers Factory.

Order the LP here: https://www.diggersfactory.com/fr/vinyl/241345/apocraphe-the-escapist-handbook

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