Acclaimed photographer Kevin Mason, a.k.a. DarkDaze has unveiled plans for his much anticipated exhibition as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival. The exceptional new show is a collection of completely unique portraits which highlight Kevin’s ever-experimental style.

Pushing the boundaries of photographic techniques, Call Me Portraits is made up of portraits taken in complete darkness using the moving light from a mobile phone. The portraits capture something uniquely ethereal about the subjects. The hugely extended length of time the model has to pose for, and the subject not able to see the camera means a certain amount of discomfort creeps into the image, revealing a more exposed, fascinating side of the subject.

Further exploring the reality behind the people and subjects he photographs, Kevin has developed a new technique using a macro camera normally used for forensic and medical use, the images created with this unconventional camera make up the second part of the exhibition.

Completely dissecting and stripping bare his subjects, Kevin has taken a series of close up detail portrait shots which, placed together in sequence, re-form the head and torso portraits in squares of minute, almost uncomfortable detail on an exposure process of over an hour.

This show is testament Kevin Mason’s success. He continues to challenge both subject and the viewer alike with his new take on portrait photography in the digital age. Consistently producing breathtaking, groundbreaking work, the Call Me Portraits exhibition does not fail to impress and inspire.

Held at Brighton’s boutique hotel Blanch House and will be on show in the bar and restaurant from 1st May to 11th June.

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