SamSun has travelled across the country in his childhood and has now settled in East London, where he has hooked up with Mike Grimey his producer. Together they have produced this four track Omens EP which they are shopping around right now.

They make the tracks on the PC using Ejay 6, as well as Magix Hip Hop Maker and Cubase. The vocals are recorded through a Sure Mic, Behringer mixer and Emu soundcard. This EP has a different feel to the Bollocks To Politics EP and I think I prefer it.

01. The Short Arm Of The Law
02. The Dark Art
03. Don’t War With Me
04. Gang Bangers

The CD opens with a dark vocal sample intro and a big beat mixed in with some sirens. For The Short Arm Of The Law everything is piled into the mix as SamSun begins rapping and telling his story of a police chase and hiding in a bolt hole that the police don’t know about. Eventually caught SamSun has to try to talk his way out of it despite being innocent. The track sounds a bit messy with so many sounds competing all at the same time and it is certainly a bit of an aural assault.

The Dark Art follows with a simple guitar riff and electronic bass line and this simple production allows SamSun to come to the fore and the track benefits from this. The chorus utilises some acid bassline which sounds a bit out of place, but the secod verse adds another bass line which adds a bit of funk to the track, which is a bt confused as the arrangement switches from one theme to another.
The penultimate track Don’t War With Me has more of the keyboard realised production and I think these artists are a bit hampered by their choice of sounds which for me don’t really conjure up the feelings that I would expect to experience with the serious subject matter SamSun is trying to get over.

The CD ends off with Gang Bangers which gets going with some classic 909 drum sounds over which SamSun tries to sound fearsome, but these tales of murking lack a bit of convincing realism. With more practice at getting more emotion conveyed in his vocals SamSuns ideas could carry him far, but for the time being this sounds a bit like bedroom experimentation.

There is also a secret track which is perhaps one of the best this duo have produced to date. It appears to be a remix of The Short Arm Of The Law with a much sparser backing track and is improved for this.

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