Stig Of The Dump - I Got Game CD [Lewis Recordings]

You’ve been waiting on this record for what seems like an eternity, and finally, it is here. The brand new single from the most uncompromisingly brutal lyricist in the biz, Stig Of The Dump has arrived, complete with a punch so hard its already knocked out five postmen on its way to your doormat.

The lead single from the album Mood Swings, I Got Game is a computer-game sampling, attitude laden, screw face inducing beast of an entity providing exactly what the fans demand from the World and two time UK E.O.W Champion. The name alone holds weight enough for this single to be in stereos, iPods and club systems nationwide, but both lyrically and musically, the song stands strong.

The Pete Cannon produced beat stands proud with cracking drums, and a juttering replayed sample and sound effects lifted from the original Street Fighter game. The slick production weaves a perfect backdrop for Stig’s trademark sardonic, unabashed and frankly don’t-give-a-fuck mentality.

With a huge character and presence unlike any other, Stig is back and with a BANGER.

The album Mood Swings follows shortly, be prepared.

Release Date: 2nd August 2010

Stig Of The Dump - I Got Game CD [Lewis Recordings]

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