Slippy Skills - Multiple Mind States LP

No stranger to the music industry, Luton-based Slippy Skills has been instrumental in reigniting the flames of a floundering live scene by hosting shows by Fabio, Jumpin Jack Frost, Cause4concern, DJ A.M.C, Philth, EBK, Bryan Gee, Voltage and Ed:it as well as supporting iconic UK artists including the likes of Skinnyman, Phi Life Cypher, The Mouse Outfit, Tasksforce, Children of Zeus, Devvo, Onoe Caponoe, Jam Baxter and Tenchoo.

The ever versatile MC has also built a solid reputation for his cinematography work on top of his mic’ work by producing videos for Planet Asia, Phi Life Cypher and Jester Jacobs as well as co-hosting the Full Clip Magazine show on Soho Radio alongside Kissy K and Akme Beats.

For his first full-length solo release ‘Multiple Mind States‘ – Slippy Skills delivers a well-honed hybridised style of home-grown Hip Hop sprinkled with Drum & Bass influences that span 16 diverse tracks, packed to the brim with razor-sharp, witty penmanship, machine-gun delivery and content as eclectic as the title suggests. The album is one of the most original, refreshing and energisied you will hear from a UK artist in 2021.

Guest features include – 1Sun, Micall Parknsun, Jonny Virgo, Train Robbers, Benny Diction, Louis Jeffrey, Oracy, Ant D, Hi-Tech Low Life and Sean D with a heavy production line-up that includes Baileys Brown, DJ Nappa, Frank T, Rev, Sphinx, Astro9, LU3 Beats, KBee Original and of course, Slippy.

Multiple Mind States” is available now on Digital and CD with a Vinyl release planned for 2022.

All songs written and recorded by: Slippy except features
All songs mixed and mastered by: Chemo at KMJ45 Studios |
Artwork illustrated / designed by: Slippy

Slippy Skills

Runt Life Records

Track List:

  1. 2 Wavey (Multiple Mind States Intro) (Prod. Slippy) 02:20
  2. Ingredients (Prod. Frank T) 02:58
  3. New Year, New Me (Prod. DJ Nappa) 03:19
  4. Pissed Off (Prod. Baileys Brown) 03:11
  5. ong Pause (Prod. Frank T) 02:29
  6. Dying Breath (Prod. Rev) 02:50
  7. Straight Out Tha Jar (Prod. Frank T) 02:21
  8. hat Song’s a Banger ft. 1Sun & Micall Parknsun (Prod. Micall Parknsun) 05:03
  9. Knowledge Itself ft. Jonny Virgo (Prod. Slippy) 04:14
  10. Ride or Die ft. Jabbathakut (Prod. Frank T) 03:04
  11. Fucked up Ideas (Prod. Sphinx) 03:23
  12. GR£A$Y ft. Train Robbers (Prod. Slippy) 03:12
  13. Air ft. Benny Diction (Prod. Rev) 02:34
  14. Dan Aykroyd ft. Louis Jeffrey (Prod. LU3 Beatz) 04:05
  15. I Don’t Love You Anymore (Prod. Astro9) 03:54
  16. Dreamland ft. Oracy, Ant D, Hi-Tech Low-Life, Sean D and Jabbathakut (Prod. KBee Original) 07:46
Slippy Skills - Multiple Mind States LP

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