Terminator Salvation

Following on from the three previous Terminator films, Salvation finds us in 2018 amidst the ‘battle of the machines’ that was predicted in the first film. We are with John Conner (Bale) as he leads a group of human resistance fighters against the HK’s (Hunter Killers) and Terminators.

In this version of the Terminator Connor is joined by the mysterious Marcus Wright (Worthington) a man who has no memory of the Terminators and Kyle Reese (Yelchin) the man Connor must send back to 1984 to become his father (are you still following?).

Visually the film looks great, there are new and old versions of Terminators and enough machines to at times make the film look like a Transformers movie, I did think though that the humans although relatively scruffy still looked too clean and kept especially the character of Kate Conner – Johns wife, who looks like she has just stepped from a beauty salon (even when performing surgery in the field!).

Overall though the Terminators look good although I was a little disappointed that there were no new robots and the film stuck to the traditional ‘Arnie’ T800 shape.

So much for the look of the film what is really important, especially as this film will be judged against the classic T1 & T2 is the script and this for me was where the film really was at its weakest. I found the film confusing. There were gaping holes in the script and it was also so full of lucky coincidences it verged on the comical, which is a real shame. Some areas in the film were rushed and others seemed to be included for no apparent reason and you could see the plot coming from a mile off.

The most interesting thing for me was seeing the next big action hero Sam Worthington who is now starring in Avatar and next year he will be in the lead role in the remake of Clash of the Titans. He played his role adequately – well as much as the cheesy script allowed, and someone please give Christian Bale throat lozenges!

Overall disappointing – the film franchise definitely has taken a downward turn.

Director – McG


Christian Bale – John Connor
Sam Worthington – Marcus Wright
Moon Bloodgood – Blair Williams
Helena Bonham Carter – Dr Serena Kogan
Anton Yelchin – Kyle Reese

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