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Mally Malcz - Under The Influence CD [Joas Music]

Mally Malcz – Under The Influence CD [Joas Music]

'Under the Influence' is a competently made album, but 'Train Strain', 'Late Again', 'Our Gaff' and 'Why' are the only pockets of goodness in what is an album over-stuffed with introverted, drug / sex / alcohol / misery soaked tracks. 'Train Strain' is a comedic take on the tube experience. It's bouncy, fuzz bass led production is amazingly catchy and bridges the gap between UK garage and Hip Hop.

Mally Malcz

Mally Malcz

Lewisham born Mally Malcz is determined to make an impact on the UK hip hop scene in 2008. The two men behind the project, Mally Malcz and producer Joas put all of their spare time into putting together the album, and claim to provide the audience with some key elements that are lacking from the UK scene. Namely musical diversity and originality.

Manage – (Live) In Protest LP [Merciless]

Manage is a heavyweight MC. We remember him from his Early Life Crisis and work with Def-Con and he has always been on the more conscious side of Hip Hop spitting meaningful lyrics with consummate ease. For the last year or so he has been one of the organisers of, and the main host for the Speakers Corner nights which go off in Brixton and have been proving themselves to get the best talent down there for some action packed nights.

Starch Music

Starch Music

Starch Music are a South London collective who have been bubbling under doing their own thing away from the spotlight. Now they have new music on the way and are making a concerted effort to get out there. Peep below what they had to say...

Mally Malcz

Mally Malcz

Mally Malcz has been an MC in the underground scene for years and has finally decided to unleash his own material on the masses. He has been frustrated at being surrounded by artists that are ‘imitating’ the US rather than ‘innovating’, and refreshingly he feels it’s important that his lyrics and backing beats have something new to offer.

Pounds Sterling

Pounds Sterling drops So Real

His name is Pounds Sterling. He is from South London & has been in the making for the past 8 years. His style is raw, humorous at times & very well articulated. His content draws on his real life experiences & the many challenges he has faced as opposed to making up stories like many of his peers.

Cafe Recordings

P.A.C (Powerful And Calm) – Matter Of Opinion EP [Cafe Recordings]

Coming deep out of South London P.A.C releases his 5 track E.P entitled ‘Matter Of Opinion’ for the listeners of true Hip Hop music, as for those who listen will surely feel…  This is just a sample of what’s to come from this artist based within the Café Recordings label, with an edge of grit and clarity, this will appeal to a wide range of people and shows P.A.C’s flexible style and lyricism…